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 Dr.  Hamdy A.M. Soliman has obtained his PhD degree in  Fish Biology in 2014 from Joint supervision between plymouth uni. (UK) and sohag uni.(Egypt). He is currently working as lecturer of Fish Biology in Sohag University, Egypt. His current research  

the effect of pollution such as nanoparticles , heavy metals, organic pollutant, microcystion on fish as well as the stock assessment of economic fish in Red SEA and River Nile.




2019-02-10 11:09:27
Fish Biology Lecture
الرجاء من طلاب الفرقة الرابعة حضور محاضرة بيولوجيا الاسماك يوم الثلاثاء مة3-6 Read more

2018-09-17 08:20:15
تهنئة بقدوم العام الدراسى الجديد 2018/2019
كل عام و انتم بخير بمناسبة العام الدراسى الجديد Read more

2018-09-05 06:53:08
استكمال موقع اعضاء هيئة التدريس
استكمال موقع اعضاء هيئة التدريس Read more

2018-09-01 16:39:31
امتحان عملى بيولوجيا الاسماك
تقرر عقد امتحان عملى بيولوجيا الاسماك الدور الثانى الفرقة الرابعة كيمياء و علم الحيوان يوم 10/10/2018 Read more

2018-09-01 16:39:09
امتحان عملى بيولوجيا الاسماك  الدور الثانى لطلاب الفرقة الرابعة
تقرر عقد امتحان عملى بيولوجيا الاسماك الدور الثانى الفرقة الرابعة كيمياء و علم الحيوان يوم 10/10/2018 Read more

2018-09-01 16:51:19 | Keywords Lutjanus quinquelineatus Morphometry Mer,
Meristic and Morphometric Characteristics of five-lined snapper, Lutjanus quinquelineatus (Bloch, 1790) from the Red Sea, Egypt
In the present study, 120 fish samples (64 male and 56 female) of fivelined snapper, Lutjanus quinquelineatus of variable sizes were used for demonstration the morphometric and meristic characteristics of this species in the Egyptian Red Sea, Hurghada fishing area. The total length varied from 15.3 to 28.7 cm in males and from 16.0 to 31.7 cm in females while ... Read more

2018-09-01 16:52:48 | Keywords Maternal transfer copper oxide nanoparti,
Oxidative stress and histomorphological markers in the offspring of Poecilia reticulata maternally exposed to metallic and nanoformulated copper
The goal of present study is to determine whether metals or nanomaterials are transferred from exposed pregnant females of viviparous fishes to their developing offspring and the subsequent potential effects on the oxidative stress and histomorphological indicators. Gravid females of guppies (Poecilia reticulata) exposed to 1 mg/l copper sulfate (CuSO4) or copper oxide nanoparticles (CuO-NPs) for 17 to 25 days ... Read more

2018-09-01 15:07:34 | Keywords Embryo Nanoparticles Clarias gariepinus ,
Developmental toxicity and DNA damaging properties of silver nanoparticles in the catfish (Clarias gariepinus)
Although, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are used in many different products, little information is known about their toxicity in tropical fish embryos. Therefore, this study evaluated the developmental toxicity of waterborne silver nanoparticles in embryos of Clarias gariepinus. Embryos were treated with (0, 25, 50, 75 ng/L silver nanoparticles) in water up to 144 h postfertilization stage (PFS). Results revealed various ... Read more

Some biological aspects and population dynamics of the five-lined snapper, Lutjanus quinquelineatus (Family: Lutjanidae) from Red Sea off Hurghada, Egypt
Age and growth, reproductive strategy, mortality and yield per recruit analysis are essential to evaluate the fishery status of fish stocks. The fishery status of five-lined snapper Lutjanus quinquelineatus in Hurghada fishing area was assessed based on the monthly representative samples covered 12 months from January to December 2016. The von Bertalanffy equation for the growth in length was: Lt ... Read more

2018-09-01 15:06:10 | Keywords Embryo; copper oxide nanoparticles; Cten,
Accumulation of copper and DNA fragmentation in grass carp larvae after the exposure to copper oxide nanoparticles
Little information is available on the bioavailability and genotoxicity of ENPs in grass carp _Ctenopharyngodon idella_. Seven days old grass carp larvae have been exposed to 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 mgl-1 copper oxide nanoparticles for a week. There was no difference in mortality between treated groups and control. Whole body copper concentrations increased significantly in all exposure groups except ... Read more

2018-09-01 16:56:06 | Fish Biology
الرحلة العلمية للبحر الاحمر
الرحلة العلمية للبحر الاحمر Read more

2018-09-01 16:55:21 | Vertebrate anatomy
زيارة متحف علم الحيوان باسيوط
زيارة متحف علم الحيوان باسيوط Read more

2018-09-01 16:54:18 | Fish Biology
زيارة المفرخ السمكى بالاحايوة
زيارة المفرخ السمكى بالاحايوة Read more