In the present study, 120 fish samples (64 male and 56 female) of fivelined
snapper, Lutjanus quinquelineatus of variable sizes were used for
demonstration the morphometric and meristic characteristics of this
species in the Egyptian Red Sea, Hurghada fishing area. The total length
varied from 15.3 to 28.7 cm in males and from 16.0 to 31.7 cm in females
while their weights ranged between 44 and 378 g in males and between 48
and 512 g in females. This fish species showed constant meristic
characters. Statistical interpretation of morphometric data indicated that
there is direct relationship between total body length with head length
(HL), snout length (SnL), eye diameter (ED) and length of caudal
peduncle (CPL). The meristic characters like dorsal fin rays, anal fin rays,
lateral line scales, gill rakers on lower arm and scales in transversal line
were counted. The results revealed that there is no sexual dimorphism in L.
quinquelineatus from Hurghada fishing area.