This study aims to assess heavy metal in the soils of Qena governorate. To fulfill this objective, surface soil samples were collected from industrial site and agricultural soils in Qena governorate. Cd. Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb and Zn in the samples were estimate. During sampling we focused on the residential communities located downwind from the industrial zone to investigate the effect of industrial plants on the surrounding. The average a concentration of these elements in all soil samples were in the following order Fe> Mn> Cr> Cu> Ni> Co> Zn> Pb> Cd. In addition, positive correlations were found between organic matter, clay content and concentration of total heavy metal. In comparison to level heavy metal (industrial zone & cultivated soil) of Qena, the mean contents of Cu, Cr, Mn, Ni and Fe are high in industrial zone samples. The obtained values were higher than the background levels measured in control soil sample. The findings of this study revealed that there need for monitoring of heavy metal contents in soils from the vicinity of industrial sites in Qena governorate in order to assess the possible potential hazard to life and environment.