Aim of the study: to estimate efficacy and safety of the lumbar sympathetic block LSB in the management of sympathetic pain and temperature changes of lower limb.

Methods: twenty patients were studied aged (35-52 years). All patients with sympathetic pain ranged from moderate to severe which interfered with daily activity. This pain was also accompanied with temperature changes in the affected lower extremity. All patients were submitted to LSB and evaluation of pain, and temperature changes were evaluated previous to block, 1 hour later, 24 hours later, 7 days, and one month

Results: All blocks were easy to perform and were confirmed by C-arm without recorded complication. A highly statistical significant reduction in VAS 1 hour after block (p≤0.01) and still statistically significant in 24 hours, 7 days, and one month after block (p≤0.05). Also there were statistically significant changes in the temperatures affecting mainly distal parts of the lower extremities were recorded through out the study time (p≤0.05). Also there were improvement of patient’s daily activity and mechanical allodynia.

Conclusion: The lumbar sympathetic block is effective in relieving sympathetic pain and improved temperatures of the lower extremities