80% of the adult population suffers once or twice from lumbar or cervical pain. In the majority, the symptoms disappear automatically.

In 10% of the patients, the pain becomes chronic

ØThe systematic study of clinical and basic science and its application for the reduction of pain and suffering

ØA newly emerging discipline emphasizing an interdiciplinary approach with a goal of reduction of pain and suffering


  • What is RF?
  • Which types of pain can be treated with RF
  • Generator/NeuroTherm
  • Electrodes & Accesories
  • A high frequency electrical current, transmitted from an active electrode (lesion electrode) through the body and to the passive electrode (dispersive electrode). Tissue around the electrode is modulated or ablated. (Controlled nerve block)
  • Modular system: 1 step at a time
  • Impedance Measurement
  • Data output possibility
  • Automatic output cut off
  • Preset maximum temperature
  • Pulsed and continuous RF
  • 5 Stimulation modes
  • Timer
  • Circuit check
  • Clear Display
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Very thin thermocouple (TC) electrode connected to the NeuroTherm generator, which will be inserted into the disposable cannula for delivery of the RF current at the target point
  • Registration of tissue temperature and impedance at the tip of the electrode
  • Different sizes available (5-10-15 cm)
  • Radionicsâ - compatible electrodes available

Sensory stimulation

  • Step 1: set stimulation rate to 50Hz
  • Step 2: turn stimulation knob slowly up until patient feels similar sensation to the pain he is “used to” (sensory threshold) read value=X Volt, between 0.2-0.5Volt

Motoric stimulation

  • Step 1: set stimulation rate to 2Hz
  • Step 2: turn stimulation knob slowly up until max X Volt + 1, if the patient did not feel any motoric stimulation, this means the motoric nerve is within a safe distance from the lesion area and will not be affected while performing a CRF (continuous RF lesion). If the patient feels motoric stimulation within this range Þ reposition cannula
  • Safety built in
  • Full sterile operation
  • Stimulation Voltage lockout
  • RF Voltage lockout
  • Maximum preset temperatures
  • Broken thermocouple warning
  • Sterile system check