The study was carried out on 40  patients   with  Alopecia Areata    (AA)  attending Dermatology Outpatient Clinic  of  Sohag  University Hospital. 85% had localized AA and 15%   had alopecia  totalis. 10 healthy individuals   were selected as a control.The age of patients ranged from 6 to 50 years with a mean 23.93±12.42 years.  Males were 62.5% and females were 37 .5 % .The duration  of  the disease ranged from 2 days to 4 years with a mean (155.40±303.35). Patients had AA less than  one  month  were 42.5%,  while  from  one  month  to  1 year were 47.5%  and more than one year were 10%. The course of the disease was stationary in 30% and was progressive in 70%. All patients and control group were subjected  to  the   measurement   of serum  IL-1β,   IL-4,  INF-γ  (by Medgenix  EASJATM kit) and TNF-α. (by Immulite Chemiluminescent Enzyme ImmunometricAssay  kit). The   serum   level   of   IL-4   was significantly   decreased in all patients in comparison  with  control.  Also it was found that the concentration of IL-4   decreased by prolongation of the disease duration.The serum levels of IL-1β, INF- γ and TNF- α. showed no significant difference. Further studies are recommended for comparing the cytokines profile in both localized AA patients and totalis/ universalis  group of patients.