Abstract: In recent years, there has been worldwide interest for problematic soils which may cause engineering problems when these soils are located under foundations. These soils are found in abundance in the semi-arid regions of tropical and temperate climate zones as in Marsa Alam city, where annual evaporation exceeds precipitation. This work is a trail to discuss the geotechnical characteristics of some different types of sedimentary rocks in Marsa Alam city which lie on the south of red sea coast at Egypt. To achieve this study, five samples of different soils and sedimentary rocks were chosen to evaluate their mechanical properties under different loads by using Oedometer apparatus. These soils are Evaporite, Claystone, Dolomitic Limestone, Marl and Conglomerate. Using X- Ray Diffraction (XRD) analysis, mineralogical data of samples were investigated. Using X- Ray Fluorescence (XRF), chemical data indicated that the collected samples possess different types of major elements according to the kind of sample where the cations of elements play an important role in the reaction of water with soils. When water molecules, being dipoles, they are adsorbed both to the surface of the crystals lattice and to the cations. Petrographic properties were carried out in order to define the mineralogical composition, texture and hence rock type by using Polarizing Microscope. The Atterberg limits (liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index) were carried out only for samples that contain appreciable amounts of clay such as Claystone and Marl. According to the results of the study, the designers can expect the geotechnical behavior of different types of soil under different loads to avoid hazards of problematic soils in foundations of different constructions or these found as sub-grad under pavement layers of roads.