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Assistant Professor - Head of parasitology department ,faculty of veterinary medicine,sohag university

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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Veterinary Helminthology

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this course for  undergraduate third year students of faculty of veterinary medicine, in the first term.

the aim of this course is to introduce the  study of Helminthes that infect all domestic animals and poultry , also the zoonotic helminthes tat may infect human , it contain the study of trematodes, cestodes, and nematodes

The presentation of material in this handbook is based on the author's experiencein teaching veterinary parasitology. The information, concerning onlyparasites occurring in Egypt, and North Africa, has been compiled from the work andwritings of many in the field of parasitology. Books devoted to veterinaryparasitology are limited in number, and until now the highly regarded text bySoulsby was the only work in English dealing with the protozoans, arthropods,and helminths of veterinary importance.

The intent of the handbook is to provide the veterinary practitioner, student, and animal technician with an easily used source of information regardingthe more common parasites of domestic animals in North Africa. The manual is intended to be a standard text or an exhaustive source of informationon animal parasites. It is designed to be a concise reference work fromwhich the user may quickly retrieve factual material as an aid in the identificationand control of animal parasites. The material is presented in a consistent format.

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Veterinary Helminthology
PUT WRITE OR FALSE 1- the final host for parasites carried the immature stages of parasites 2- Accidental host is the normal host for parasites in which it complete to adult stage 3- the prepatent periods of Fasciola hepatica from 3-6 weeks 4- the snail intermediate host for Fasciola gigantica... Read more

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Questions and Answers
_Questions and Answers_ * _What is the best way to control cestode parasite problems?_ _Discuss_ * _2 advantages of a fecal smear are:_ _Discuss_ * _List 4 negative effects that parasites can have on their host._ _Discuss_ * _Define prepatent period._ * _What are the 3 rules for safe handlin... Read more

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Question of Helminthology   by Dr. Aamer Ragheb Abdel aziz
_[1] FASCIOLA HABIT IS :_ * _a) bile duct of liver . b) small intestme ._ * _c) stomach . d) large intestine ._ _[2] PIRENELLA CONICA IS INTERMEDIATE HOST OF ._ * _a) Heterophyes heterophyes . b) fascoila ._ * _c) Dicrocoelium dendriticum . d) non of the above ._ _[3] THE SNAIL WHICH LIVE IN BRA... Read more