Marwa Rageh Abdulrahman Obiedallah

Lecturer - Lecturer

Faculty of science

Address: University of Sohag, Faculty of Science, Department of Botany and Microbiology, 825244.




2018-10-02 14:44:22 |
  • This course applies for the 3rd year Chemistry and Microbiology group students 

It is a 1-hour course per week, students gain information about virus’s structure and chemistry. Main course provides them with knowledge about viral plant diseases, besides how to detect this infection in vivo and they also learn some tissue culture techniques.

2018-10-04 14:37:39 | Virology
Our main target in this course is to make the students get familiar with viral infection of higher plants that can be observed in common plants around us. We ask each student to present a photo album about leaves infected by viruses in the last class.... Read more


2018-10-04 13:14:45 Virology
different web sites for gathering information for this course besides the department’s Lab. book Read more