Marwa Rageh Abdulrahman Obiedallah

Lecturer - Lecturer

Faculty of science

Address: University of Sohag, Faculty of Science, Department of Botany and Microbiology, 825244.



Plant Anatomy

2018-10-13 08:21:57 |

This course applies for the second-year biology group students. It is a 2-hr class, where students learn about monocot and dicot plants and how to differentiate between them. This class increase their microscopic skills examining different plant sections and identifying all types of tissues found within a plant section.

2018-10-13 08:24:31 | Plant Anatomy
Plant Anatomy
First, we provide the students with theoretical differences between different types of tissues in a plant and point to the main differences between sections in stems or roots, and how to differentiate between them in both monocot and dicot plants, then we move to apply all this practically, examinin... Read more

Plant Anatomy

2018-10-13 08:23:04 Plant Anatomy
The main supplement for this class is the Lab. Book provided by the department and prepared by the lecturer assigned to teach this course. For some illustration purposes Read more