Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Elsayed

Professor - Former Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy- Sohag University

Faculty of Pharmacy

Address: Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy Department,Sohag University, Sohag, Egypt



Drug Delivery Systems

2018-11-26 16:34:58 |

Different Drug Delivery Routes

2020-03-25 23:39:26 | Drug Delivery Systems
Osmotic Pump
Osmotic release systems have a number of major advantages over other controlled-release mechanisms. They are significantly less affected by factors such as pH, food intake, GI motility, and differing intestinal environments. Using an osmotic pump to deliver drugs has additional inherent advantages r... Read more

New Horizons on Drug Delivery Systems

2018-11-26 16:40:21 Drug Delivery Systems
New Horizons on Drug Delivery Systems Pages 166-244 Read more