In this course we start with Lab safety and precautions must be followed when dealing with hazard bacterial species. Give students the sterilizations basics. We teach them how to isolate bacteria from different sources (air, water and soil) and we give them an account about main nutrients required for bacterial growth with highlighting different types of media.

A present them the special method of purification of bacterial colonies (streaking method) and provide them with some agar plates and inoculum needles to practice it themselves.

Then, we illustrate the different shapes of bacteria and help them recognize this through microscopic examination.

Most classes we help them improve their skills using the 100-power immersion oil lens. Also, we teach them the basic method for differential gram-staining that they must learn during this course. We make sure that the laboratory is suitable for this course, by preparing different chemicals and dyes required for the gram-stain, slides’-holder and

We also provide them with some slides that are provided by the University’s hospitable for T.B and other human diseases, so they can recognize bacterial infection within a patient’s sample.

The last 2 classes we present detailed information about classification of studied bacterial species into different families.