Essameldin Abdelaziz Mohamed Ahmed Nada

Professor - Prof. of Dermatology,Venereology and Andrology

Faculty of medicine

Address: 8 Abou Bakr ElSedik Dokki Giza



Welcome my colleague 

Now I am emiratus professor of  Dermatology ,STDs and Andrology at Sohag UniversitySuperviser of Dermatology and Andrology Département of Aswan University  ,AlsoSuperviser of Dermatology and Andrology Department of South Valley University.




2023-03-29 22:53:22
Department of Andrology of Cairo University annual Conference in collaboration with European Academy of Andrology  19-5-2023
Andrology Lectures and Research papers of Department of Andrology of Cairo University Read more

2023-03-10 13:16:34
17 Derma Alex -16 Mar 2023, Hilton Green Plaza Alex

2023-03-10 13:04:29
Trichology Course -Friday 28 Apr 2023, Hilton Heliopolis Hotel
With A Vision of Making A Leading Educational And Networking Platform For Dermatologists With An Interest In Hair And Hair Loss, Backed By Clinical Practice, I Introduce This Trichology Course. It Comprises of 2 Parts: - Part I (Lectures) - Part II (Workshops) We Are Very Much Looking Forward Welcoming You All There! Read more

2019-12-29 23:22:48
ESDP 2020 20-21 Feb Read more

2019-12-29 23:17:31
Sharm Derma 2020
Sharm Derma Academy Sohag 2-3 Jan 2020 Read more

2023-08-06 14:10:13 | Keywords Tadalafil; erectile dysfunctio,
Role of tadalafil in erectile dysfunction
Background: tadalafil is PDE-5 inhibitor which helps to maintain the erection by enhancing the vasodilatory effects of endogenous nitric oxide. Tadalafil has a long half-life, which gives men the option of taking it up to 12 hours before sex. Aim: To assess the effect of daily oral tadalafil 5mg for 3 months on erectile dysfunction. Patients and Methods: A case ... Read more

2023-08-06 14:01:30 | Keywords Tadalafil; Penile duplex; Erec,
Effect of Tadalafil on Penile Duplex parameters in Erectile Dysfunction Patients.
Background: Tadalafil is a PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase inhibitor) inhibitor that supports endogenous nitric oxide's vasodilatory actions and aids in erection maintenance. The penile duplex has proven to be very useful for imaging superficial structures and for determining the reasons of erectile dysfunction (ED). Objectives: To assess the effect of daily oral tadalafil 5mg for 3 months on penile duplex parameters in ... Read more

2023-03-13 01:33:50 | Keywords PDE5Is n, Erectile dysfunction,
Erectile dysfunction patients who are phosphodiestrase enzyme type 5 inhibitors (PDE5Is) non-responders.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) has many definitions, one of these accepted definition that the male is unable to initiate and/or preserve an erection for ideal sexual intercourse satisfying for both partners. There are many lines for ED treatment, oral phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5Is) represent the corner stone for ED treatment. Intra cavernous injections, vacuum constriction device & surgical implantation of ... Read more

2023-03-13 01:29:31 | Keywords Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ere,
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in andrological practice: A narrative review of the literature.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is defined as the use of oxygen under pressure to increase oxygen levels in different tissues. Nowadays, HBOT is recommended as single therapy or in combination with other medical treatments like surgery or medicine for specific diseases. HBOT has a number of applications in emergency situations such carbon monoxide poisoning, envenomation from spider and snake bites, ... Read more

2023-02-13 13:13:11 | Keywords psorias, demographic, clinical,
Clinicodemographic and laboratory features of 200 Egyptian psoriatic patients.
Background Psoriasis is a common and complex multifactorial disease, in which both genetic and extrinsic factors contribute to activating an immunological reaction. Objectives This study aimed to evaluate the clinical, demographic, and laboratory characteristics of Egyptian psoriatic patients in Sohag, Upper Egypt. Patients and methods This study was a cross-sectional hospital-based study conducted on 200 Egyptian psoriatic patients. All the ... Read more