Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed

Assistant Professor - Assistant professor of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Faculty of science

Address: Behind hospital of Sohag University - Ali Ebn Abi Taleb Street


2021 | Keywords Colorectal cancer,
Novel Green Biosynthesis of 5-Fluorouracil Chromium Nanoparticles Using Harpullia Pendula Extract for Treatment of Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Hence, many strategies and approaches have been widely developed for cancer treatment. This work prepared and evaluated the antitumor activity of 5-Flurouracil (5-Fu) loaded chromium nanoparticles (5-FuCrNPs). The green biosynthesis approach using Harpullia (H) pendula aqueous extract was conducted for CrNPs preparation that was further loaded with ... Read more

Targeting ctDNA binding and elaborated in-vitro assessments concerning novel Schiff base complexes: Synthesis, characterization, DFT and detailed in-silico confirmation
Two novel complexes for Zn2+ and VO2+ ions, were prepared from tridentate dibasic chelating Schiff base ligand. 1-((3,5-di-_tert_-butyl-2-hydroxybenzylidene)amino)naphthalen-2-ol-5‑sodium sulfonate (DSHN), was the ligand used in this study. Alternative spectral tools were applied to elucidate structural composition of new compounds. Also, geometry optimization for all synthesizes was conducted by Gaussian09 program via DFT method, to obtain optimal structures and essential parameters. ... Read more

Synthesis and characterization of Fe(III), Pd(II) and Cu(II)-thiazole complexes; DFT, pharmacophore modeling, in-vitro assay and DNA binding studies
New pharmacologically active complexes were prepared from Pd (II), Fe (III), and Cu (II)ions with 2-amino-6-oxo-3-(piperidinylamidino)-4-(4methoxyphenyl)-6,7-dihydro-pyrano[2,3-d]-5,7thiazol ligand (MPTP). The ligand acted as neutral bidentate with the metals _via_ NH and NH2 groups. FT-IR spectra, CHN-analysis, TGA, UV–Vis, molar conductance and 1H &13C NMR spectra were used to characterize the new compounds. Also stability constant of MPTP-complexes was identified in solution ... Read more

2021 | Keywords ferrocenyl thiophenol ligand,
Design, synthesis, structural inspection of Pd2+, VO2+, Mn2+, and Zn2+ chelates incorporating ferrocenyl thiophenol ligand: DNA interaction and pharmaceutical studies
Some new transition metal chelates ([M(FSH)2] and [M(FSH) (CH3COO− or NO3−)], where M = Pd2+, VO2+, Mn2+, Zn2+, and cations) incorporating ferrocenyl thiophenol imine ligand (FSH) were prepared. Various spectral and physicochemical studies were performed to elucidate the geometric structure of the investigated compounds. The spectral data of FSH imine ligand and its metal chelates were explained concerning the structural ... Read more

2021 | Keywords Manfort, infertility, sperm qu,
Manfort: A dietary supplement for semen parameters quality improvement in low sperm count and azoospermia patients
BACKGROUND: The production of healthy sperms from testicular tissues which able to successfully fertilize the mature egg is the main target of the recent studies. Recently dietary supplements composed from multi-natural products extracted from medicinal herbs are used for sperm parameters improvement compared with chemically-based synthesized drugs. This traditional method of treatment is safe, effective and low costed compared with ... Read more

Synthesis and structural elucidation for new pyrano thiazole complexes: Biological screening and effects on DNA through in-vitro and in-silico approaches
Novel bioactive complexes were prepared from Cu(II), Fe(III) and Pd(II) ions with pyrano thiazole derivative (PTP) [2-amino-6-oxo-3-(piperidinylamidino)-4-phenyl-6,7-dihydro-pyrano[2,3-d]-5,7-thiazol]. CHN, FT-IR, UV–Vis, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, molar conductance and TGA results have been used to determine the chemical formulae of new compounds. Accordingly, the octahedral geometry was proposed for the complexes except PTPPd complex (square-planer). The ligand acts as a neutral bidentate ... Read more

Tailoring, structural inspection of novel oxy and non-oxy metal-imine chelates for DNA interaction, pharmaceutical and molecular docking studies
A green synthetic pathway for two mononuclear M(II)-complexes (M = Ni2+ as a non-oxy-metal ion and ZrO2+ as an oxy-metal ion, NiLig and ZrOLig, respectively) of an imino-naphthalenol sodium sulfonate ligand (H2Lig) was followed. Using various physico-chemical tools, their chemical compositions were elucidated. The material-studio package was applied to confirm the structures of NiLig and ZrOLig _via_ the DFT method. ... Read more

2021 | Keywords Antimicrobial, anti-cancer,
Temperature and salt effects of the kinetic reactions of substituted 2-pyridylmethylene-8-quinolyl iron (II) complexes as antimicrobial, anti-cancer and antioxidant agents with Cyanide ions
Kinetics of substitution reaction of three high spin pyridylmethylene-8-quinolyl iron (II) complexes by CN- ions are studied spectophotometrically in various ratios of aqueous-methanol binary mixtures at 298 ± 0.2 K. Kinetics of the substitution reaction follow the rate law (k2[CN−][complex])on applying of the conditions of the pseudo-first-order. Reactivity of the reaction was investigated in terms of organic ligand moiety and ... Read more

2021 | Keywords
Opinion on The Development of  Nanotechnology for Treatment  of Coronaviruses
nparalleled public health danger. The disease was discovered in late December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, with an exceptionally high rate of spread. The virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), has infected over 118 million people and caused 2.5 million deaths in 216 countries, with the numbers continuing to rise. There are currently no officially licensed vaccines or antiviral drugs ... Read more

2021 | Keywords Ultrasonic irradiation,
Rapidly, highly yielded and Green Synthesis of Dihydrotetrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine Derivatives in Aqueous Media using Recoverable Pd(II) Thiazole Catalyst accelerated by ultrasonic: Computational Studies
Here, we synthesized new thiazole complexes from Cu(II), Fe(III) and Pd(II) ions. Such complexes were characterized to present their chemical formulae, Read more