Dr Mona Gamal Mohamed

Lecturer - مديرة المعهد الفني للتمريض- رئيس معيار البرامج الاكاديمية- نائب مدير وحدة التقويم الطلابي بالكلية

Faculty of Nursing

Address: قسم التمريض الباطني والجراحي -كلية التمريض -جامعة سوهاج


Special Informations: Dr Mona Gamal Mohamed
Full Name Dr Mona Gamal Mohamed
Gender Female
birth date 1985-02-07
Faculty Faculty of Nursing
Degree Lecturer
Address قسم التمريض الباطني والجراحي -كلية التمريض -جامعة سوهاج
Current Position مديرة المعهد الفني للتمريض- رئيس معيار البرامج الاكاديمية- نائب مدير وحدة التقويم الطلابي بالكلية
Academic Information
General Specialization علوم التمريض (Nursing Science)
Specialization (Medical Surgical Nursing) التمريض الباطني والجراحي
Title of Master Thesis in Arabic دراسة مقارنة :معدل حدوث العدوى المصاحبة للقسطرة البولية بين القسطرة الفولي و السليكون.
Title of Master's Thesis in English Comparative Study :The Incidence of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) between Foley and Silicon Catheter.
Title of PhD thesis in Arabic تأثير تطبيق المسار الاكلينيكي لمرضى قصور القلب الاحتقاني على مخرجاتهم الصحية.
Title of PhD thesis in English Effect of Applying Clinical Pathway for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure on their Health Status Outcomes.
Supervisory and administrative functions مديرة المعهد الفني للتمريض جامعة سوهاج
Phone 1066900175
Mobile 1066900175
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EKP بنك المعرفة المصري
A brief about me

Name:                                  Dr: Mona Gamal Mohamed.



Teacher of Medical Surgical Nursing.



                        Mobile     01066900175


 Doctorate degree in Nursing Science



The rate/Appreciation



PhD degree in nursing science

Medical surgical nursing (Adult Nursing)


Suez Canal University


Master degree in Nursing Science

 Medical surgical nursing (Adult Nursing)

Very good

Assiut University


General Educational Diploma

General Educational


Al-azhar University Faculty of Education.


Bachelor in Nursing Science

Nursing science

Excellent with Honor's grade

Assiut Universit















The leadership positions:


1-Manager of the technical institute of nursing - University of Sohag from 6-2017. 

2-A member of the board of directors of the Faculty Quality Unit.

3-Coordinator undergraduate nursing programme.

4-Member of  various committees, such as:

-The Committee of student support

-The Committee of the environment, and the affairs of the community

-The Committee of Education and Students Affairs

-The Committee of academic standards

5-Deputy Executive Director of the Unit for the development of students evaluation systems and examinations of the faculty from 11-5-2011 .

Practical achievements:

    1.Setting the standard for evaluating assessment sheet for clinical part of students to evaluate in one way from all members of the department

( Standard Student's sheet evaluation ).

  1. Introducing the practical exam for the students of the department teams ( OSCE ) And then introduce them to all the college teams .
  2. Modifying the practical examination system for students and making it an electronic exam for students (electronic OSCE) .
  3. Application of the integrated student file system (student portfolio) students of the department and the Institute and then the college .

( Note : all of the achievements mentioned for the first time applied to college )