Background: After quite a long time, heart failure (HF) turns into a typical cardiovascular condition whose occurrence and predominance are increasing. Being a typical cause for urgent hospital admission, it is a noteworthy reason for morbidity and mortality for the patients. The aim of the study: to determine the impact of clinical pathway for congestive heart failure patients on their Length of hospital stay and Limb edema. Subjects & methods: Research design: A quasi-experimental research design was utilized in this study. Setting: Cardiology department and Outpatient clinic of cardiology at Sohag Cardiac and Hepatic institution. Subjects: A convenient sample of 68 patients with CHF divided to equal group (34 patients each). Tools: Three tools were used for data collection Congestive Heart Failure Patient Assessment, Clinical Pathway Protocol and Congestive Heart Failure Patient Variance Sheet. Results: The study supported as a good improvement in complains of study group and decrease in length of hospital stay as compared with control group. Conclusion: Patient with congestive heart failure exposed for several complications. Improving care and practice can favorable affect the incidence of these complications. Recommendation: Apply clinical pathway for patients with CHF rather than the traditional care with the aid of established guidelines of care and illustrated patient education handout, providing comprehensive education and training for nurses who care for CHF patients lays the foundation for quality care.