Focuses on beginning nursing care to promote healthy transitions for individuals exhibiting manifestations of chronic illness in well-defined practice setting. Emphasis is on basic time management concepts and continued development of critical thinking, clinical judgment, and skills.

Clinical Practice and Prevention

  • Examines nursing situations using standards of care, critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based practice.
  • Applies a range of knowledge to promote health and well-being and prevent complications in adults experiencing illness and disease.
  • Applies the nursing process to patient learning needs.


  • Demonstrates professional, empathetic and therapeutic communication skills in all learning situations.

Critical Reasoning

  • Applies the nursing process as a basis for clinical decision-making.
  • Constructs and implements safe, effective, patient-centered nursing care using nursing knowledge, information technologies and research evidence.


  • Explores principles of collaboration and advocacy to safely provide and manage patient care.

Professionalism and Professional Values

  • Emulates professional behavior in all learning situations.
  • Examines ethical and legal principles and professional standards that are foundations to nursing practice.
  • Explores caring’s essential elements as they are expressed in holistic patient-centered care.

Global Health

  • Discusses the impact of health equity and social justice on nursing and health care in a variety of settings.