Abdelbasset Abdou Mohamed Badawy

Professor - Prof and head of Urology Department

Faculty of medicine

Address: Al-Badawy Tower, Stadium St.East; Naser City, Sohag


Special Informations: Abdelbasset Abdou Mohamed Badawy
Full Name Abdelbasset Abdou Mohamed Badawy
Email drabadawy@med.sohag.edu.eg
Gender Male
birth date 1965-03-14
Faculty Faculty of medicine
Degree Professor
Address Al-Badawy Tower, Stadium St.East; Naser City, Sohag
Current Position Prof and head of Urology Department
Academic Information
General Specialization Urology
Specialization Kidneyl transplantation, Pediatric Urology, Uro-oncology.and Endourology.
Title of Master Thesis in Arabic دراسة عن تقييم نتائج اصابات الكلي باسيؤط
Title of Master's Thesis in English Assuit experience in management of renal Trauma
Title of PhD thesis in Arabic دراسة مقارنة بين التجريف الجراحى والتبخير الكهربائي لعلاج التضخم الشيخوخي للبروستاتة
Title of PhD thesis in English Comparative study between electrovaporization and transurethral resection for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia .
Supervisory and administrative functions Head of Urology Department
Phone 934609660
Mobile 01020099371
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Linked in URL https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdelbasset-badawy-9523391b2/
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A brief about me



Name: Abdelbasset Abdou Mohamed Badawy

Nationality: Egyptian

Birth date: March, 14, 1965

Place of birth: Sakolta, Sohag, Egypt

Marital status: Married

Address:  Urology Dept., Sohag School of Medicine,

University, Egypt.


Work: 093-2336670

Home: 093-4609660

Cell: 010-1639887. 

Email: drabadawy@ hotmail.com.

: Drabadawy@med.sohag.edu.eg


1-M.B.B.ch., College of Medicine, Asyut School of

Medicine 1989.  (Very good with honor)

2-M.SC. In urology, Asyut University 1994. (Excellent)

3-1 year training in renal transplantation at Mansoura Urology and Nephrology center, Egypt, 1995-1996.

4- Harvard pediatric fellowship 1998-2000, USA

5-M.D.  In Urology, 2001. South Valley University.(excellent)          

Foreign language:

English (very good).

Teaching experience:

Teaching of Urology for under graduate Medical students.

Postgraduate teaching for diploma, master and doctoral candidates.


1-Residance in urology 4 years Asyut University hospital.

2-Assistant lecturer of urology: South Valley University Hospital 4 years.

3 One year’s fellowship in kidney transplantation    at Mansoura

Urology and Nephrology, Mansoura University, Egypt,


4-Research fellowship:  Pediatric Urology, Harvard Children hospital, Harvard University, Boston, Massutchesstes, and United States.

4-Lecturer of urology Sohag University, Egypt since January 2001—2005.

5-Assistant professors in urology department, Sohag University, Egypt from march, 2006- February 2012.

6 professor of urology since Mach 2012 till now in

Sohag University, Egypt


1-Member of Egyptian Urological Association (EUA) 1994.

2-Corresponding membership of European urological Association, from2004 till now. .

3-Active corresponding member in American urological Association (Id:0036473) 2001-2008

5-Secretaroy of uro-oncology of Egyptian urological

Association 2012-2014.


1-House officer Asyut University. Hospital       1990-1991

2-Resident (urology) Asyut University Hospital       1991-1995.

3-Assistant lecturer (Urology) Sohag University Hospital 1995  – 2001.

4-Research Fellow (urology) In Harvard Children’s hospital, Boston, MA; USA    1998-2001.


  • Asyut experience in management of renal injuries, Personal MSc Study, Asyut University, Egypt, 1994.
  • Ureteral Obstruction Transiently Up regulates The Expression Of Heparin- Binding EGF-Like Growth Factor In Mouse Kidney. Poster At 94 AUA Annual Meeting, May 1-6, 1999 Dallas, Texas, USA. 
  • Heparin-Binding EGF-Like Growth Facto Is Up Regulated In The Obstructed Kidney In A Cell –And Region –Specific Manner And Acts To Inhibit Apoptosis. Hiep T. Nguyen, Samuel H. Bride, Abdel-Basset Badawy, Rosalyn M. Adam, Jianqing Lin, Anna Orsola, Paul D. Guthrie, Michael R. Freeman, and Craig A. Peters. Am J Pathol. Mar 2000; 156(3): 889–898.doi:  1016/S0002-9440(10)64958-9
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  • Brain imaging and  urodynamic  correlation  in patients  with cerebrovascular    Abdel-Basset  A. Badawy,  Alaa.  Ar. Abdel  Hafez,  Ali,Emad.S,  MS  Shoukry.  From  Department  of Urology,  South  Valley University  of,  Egypt  Vol.  (10) N0 4, November 2004, African journal of urology 
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  • Dilemma of Adolescent varicocele: Long term outcome in patients managed surgically and in patients managed expectantly. Essam ElDin Moursy; Mohammed Hussein; Mohammed Mourad; Mohammed ElDahshoury; AbdelBasset Badawy 8 Received13 June2012; accepted 23 January 2013. Published online 25 March 2013


  • Mohamad Ahmad Shalaby, Professor of Urology and Vise President of Asyut University, Egypt.
  • Abdelmoneim Mohamad Abuzeid, professor of urology and chief of urology dept. Sohag faculty of medicine, Sohag, Egypt.
  • Mohamed Gohneim Mansoura urology and nephrology center, Mansoura university Egypt 
  • Hassan Aboalenin, Mansoura urology and nephrology center, Mansoura University Egypt
  • Allen B Retick; Chief of Urology, Harvard children’s hospital Harvard University, Boston, MA USA. 
  • Craig Peter, professor of urology Harvard children’s hospital Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA.