Abdelbasset Abdou Mohamed Badawy

Professor - Prof and head of Urology Department

Faculty of medicine

Address: Al-Badawy Tower, Stadium St.East; Naser City, Sohag



EUA guidelines for urinary incontinence

2018-10-16 07:56:15 Pelvic floor Dysfunction EUGU Barcelona 2017
Urinary Incontinence 155 EAU GUIDELINES ON URINARY INCONTINENCE (Limited text update March 2018) F.C. Burkhard (Chair), J.L.H.R. Bosch, F. Cruz, G.E. Lemack, A.K. Nambiar, N. Thiruchelvam, A. Tubaro Guidelines Associates: D. Ambühl, D. Bedretdinova, ... Read more

Non invasive bladder carcinoma EUA guidelines

2018-10-16 07:35:12 Uro-Oncology Symposium: Moving to a New Horizon
EAU GUIDELINES ON NON-MUSCLE-INVASIVE (TaT1, CIS) BLADDER CANCER (Limited text update March 2018) M. Babjuk (Chair), M. Burger (Vice-chair), E. Compérat, P. Gontero, A.H. Mostafid, J. Palou, B.W.G. van Rhijn, M. Rouprêt, S.F. Shariat, ... Read more

EUA guidelines In Renal Carcinoma

2018-10-16 07:31:39 Uro-Oncology Symposium: Moving to a New Horizon
Provides up to date information with based evidence mangment fo diagnosing and mangment of renal tumours EAU GUIDELINES ON RENAL CELL CARCINOMA EPIDEMIOLOGY The use of imaging techniques such as ultrasound (US) and computerised ... Read more

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