his study was conducted to assess the benefits of varicocelectomy on semen parameters and pregnancy rate in men who had infertility and clinical varicocele with severe oligozoospermia.

We noticed that varicocelectomy significantly improves the spontaneous pregnancy rate and sperm quality in patients with severe oligospermia and thus provides a chance for such patients to achieve unassisted pregnancy before trying assisted reproductive techniques.

This study supports varicocele repair in men from couples with documented infertility presenting with a clinical varicocele and severe oligozoospermia which is in agreement with the current guidelines.

Our study recommends bilateral varicocelectomy in patient with bilateral varicocele which has impact on post operative sperm motility, also recommends ICSI in longer duration of infertility.

Our study has a drawbacks of a small number of patients selected and there was not a control group, but this study recommend varicocelectomy in a properly selected patients.