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Publications Which contain the keyword: morphology

2018-11-24 23:40:46 Keywords Olea europaea, , epidermis, Stomata, xylem, morphology, Cement dust, Libya,
Morpho-Anatomical Characteristics of Olive (Olea europaea L.) Trees Leaf as Bio-indicator of Cement Dust Air Pollution in Libya
Comparisons were made between the anatomical and morphological changes in olive tree leaves from a site with relatively clean air (Al-Khadra area), and two sites (al-Khums and Zelatin) near to cement factories in the area east to Tripoli, Libya. Olive tree leaves exhibited marked variations in their morphological and anatomical characteristics, in relations to variations in the site cement dust ... Read more

2018-10-14 08:43:54 Keywords morphology, Upper beak, SEM, Turkey,
Morphological Studies on the Upper Beak of Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)
This study was carried out to provide a detailed description about the upper beak of turkey, regarding its gross anatomical, light and scanning electron microscopic morphology. The upper beak extends in a hook like infront of the lower beak. It measures 53.80 mm long. The height and width of the upper beak increase caudalwards. SEM shows that the tip and ... Read more

2018-10-14 17:49:42 Keywords Choana, SEM, Palatine salivary glands, Palatine ridge, morphology,
Macro and Microanatomical Studies on the Choanal Slit of Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)
This work was carried out to describe the morphological characteristics of the choanal slit of the turkey through gross, light, and scanning electron microscopy. The choanal slit measures 27.62 mm long, and constitutes 38.30 % of the total length of the palate. The edges of the narrow part of the choanal slit is smooth rostrally but slightly thickened caudally due ... Read more

2018-09-24 07:23:41 Keywords moulting, ostracods, Crustacea, instars, morphology,
The ontogeny of appendages and carapace of Neonesidea schulzi (Ostracoda: Bairdiidae) from the Red Sea coast, Egypt
The ostracod genus _Neonesidea _is broadly distributed in shallow marine waters. The ontogeny of the _N. schulzi _(Bairdiidae) is described in detail by studying the development of the appendages and variations in carapace form, size and structure. _Neonesidea schulzi _has eight post-embryonic instars, and a gap in its ontogenetic development during instar A-6, where no new _Anlage _is added. The ... Read more

Morphological evidence for possible sit)es of production of the female sex pheromone of Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae
Egypt. Acad. J. biolog. Sci., 1 (1): 29-36 (2010) D. Histology & Histochemistry Email: egyptianacademic@yahoo.com ISSN: 2090 – 0775 Received: 21/6/2010 www.eajbs.eg.net The first international Conference of Biological Sciences 27-29-Sep. 2010 Cairo – Egypt Morphological evidence for possible sites of Production of the female sex pheromone of Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Nasra M. H. Zohry Department of Zoology Faculty of ... Read more

2018-09-02 22:38:18 Keywords key., mericarp surface, morphology, fruit, Platygalium, Galium, Rubiaceae,
Fruit morphology in Galium section Platygalium (Rubiaceae) and its potential taxonomic significance
Fruit (mericarp) morphology of nine species from section Platygalium of the genus Galium from Russia were examined with light microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM). Macro- and micromorphological characters, including fruit shape, size, and types of mericarp surface and indumentum are presented. Three types of mericarp surface were observed, glabrous, hairy with either hooked or straight hairs and tuberculate. The ... Read more

2018-09-02 23:16:58 Keywords taxonomiy, systematics, Rubiaceae, morphology, Galium, fruits, Egypt, distribution,
Two subspecies of Galium setaceum (Rubiaceae) in Egypt
The systematics, distribution and morphology of Galium setaceum (Rubiaceae) in Egypt are described in the article. A full discussion is provided of all morphological characters, systematic treatment and nomenclature based on macro characters, such as habit, distribution, leaf, inflorescence, peduncle, pedicel, flowers, and micro characters of trichomes. G. setaceum subsp. decaisni is identified for the flora of Egypt for the ... Read more

2018-09-02 23:44:18 Keywords Galium, Rubiaceae, morphology, seed, fruit,
Fruit and seed morphology in Galium L. (Rubiaceae) and its importance for taxonomic identification
Fruit (mericarp) and seed morphology of 11 species and two subspecies of _Galium_ were examined with light microscope and scanning electron microscope. Macro- and micromorphological characters, including fruit and seed shape, colour, size, surface, epidermal cell shape, anticlinal boundaries, outer periclinal cell wall and relief of outer cell walls, are presented. Four different types of mericarp surface are described. Three ... Read more

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