Dr Mona Gamal Mohamed

Lecturer - مديرة المعهد الفني للتمريض- رئيس معيار البرامج الاكاديمية- نائب مدير وحدة التقويم الطلابي بالكلية

Faculty of Nursing

Address: قسم التمريض الباطني والجراحي -كلية التمريض -جامعة سوهاج


2018-09-27 17:50:35 | 0 | Health Assessment تقييم صحي
The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) role is being implemented in many centres in Canada. Administrators need to be aware there are very few universities in Canada that prepare ACNPs for advanced health assessment. Therefore, a need may exist for continuing education in the work environment. The ACNPs in London, Ontario recognized such a need, and developed and implemented an ... Read more

case managment and problem solving
case managment and assess patient need then solve patient medical problem Read more

Physical examinaion
student must make complete physical examination for patients and identify any abnormailties finding Read more

case study
How to creat good assessment for patient in different situation how to make good Nursing Diagnosis Read more

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