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2018-10-21 19:43:16 | 0 | Fracture shaft femur
Femoral neck fractures
Introduction Epidemiology * increasingly common due to aging population * women > men * whites > blacks * United states has highest incidence of hip fx rates worldwide * most expensive fracture to treat on per-person basis Mechanism * high energy in young patients * low energy falls in older patients Pathophysiology healing potential * femoral neck is intracapsular, bathed ... إقراء المزيد

2018-10-21 19:41:15 | 0 | Pelvic ring fractures
Acetabulum fractures
INTRODUCTION * Acetabulum fractures can involve one or more of the two columns, two walls or roof within the pelvis Epidemiology demographics fractures occur in a bimodal distribution * high energy trauma in younger patients (e.g., motor vehicle accidents) * low energy trauma in elderly patients (e.g., fall from standing height) Pathoanatomy fracture pattern predominately determined by * force vector ... إقراء المزيد

Ankle trauma
ANKLE INJURIES: CAUSES AND TREATMENTS Play Current Time0:13 / Duration Time1:04 Mute 00:00 Fullscreen Progress: 0% NOW PLAYING Ankle Injuries: Causes and Treatments ABOUT IN THIS ARTICLE * What Kinds of Ankle Injuries Are There? * What Causes Ankle Injuries? * Are There Different Signs for Different Ankle Injuries? * What Should Someone Do After an Ankle Injury? * How ... إقراء المزيد