This study aimed to determine the effect of dairy productsconsumption and certain physical activities on bonemineral density (BMD) and mass index (BMI) as rates forosteoporosis and obesity used. BMI was classified asunderweight (<18.5 BMI), normal weight (18.524.9 BMI),overweight (25 24.9 BMI), Overweight (25-29.9 BMI) andobese (˃ 30 BMI) are considered as the obesity degree.BMD was measured for the right foot using a pDEXAdensitometer with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA)and expressed as a T-score then subdivided as normal (T ≥1), osteopenia (T (-1) - (-2.5)) and osteoporosis (T < -2.5).The correlation was performed using Pearson's correlationcoefficient formula. The results showed that mean BMI,BMD, and milk product consumption were 27.3 ± 0.98, 0.79± 0.76, and 62 ± 0.43, respectively. Results showed thatmost respondents were consuming insufficient amounts ofdairy products, leading to high rates of osteoporosis (21%)and osteopenia (37%). The correlation value of physicalactivity was negative with BMI (-0.073) and positive withBMD (0.053). The results showed that dairy consumptionand daily physical activity can increase bone mineraldensity and prevent obesity