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Workshop on IVF

2018-10-08 21:46:19 |

1- Basic infertility investigation

2-Indications and preparation of patients

3- Ovarian stimulation protocols

4-Monitoring of the patient

5-Ovium pickup

6-Embryo transefer

7-Luteal phase support

8-Prevention and management of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome


This workshop includes 2 parts : powerpoint presentations and hand on

2018-10-11 21:50:33 | Workshop on IVF
The Management of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
Clinicians mustremain alertto the possibility ofOHSS in all women undergoing fertility treatment and women should be counselled accordingly. [New 2016] Diagnosis of OHSS How is OHSS diagnosed and what differential diagnoses should be considered? Clinicians need to be aware of the symptoms and signs ... إقراء المزيد

2018-10-23 00:15:33 | Workshop on IVF
Best Practice in Outpatient Hysteroscopy
All gynaecology units should provide a dedicated outpatient hysteroscopy service to aid management of women with abnormal uterine bleeding. There are clinical and economic benefits associated with this type of service. Outpatient hysteroscopy should be conducted outside of the formal operating theat... إقراء المزيد

When to refer patient to IVF

2018-10-12 14:06:21 Workshop on IVF
First written document dealing with infertility may be found in the Kahoun papyrus (oldest Egyptian medical text), dated to 2200-1950 BC. The early attribution of infertility to women persisted for centuries and was often consider إقراء المزيد

Prognostic Factors for IVF Success

2018-10-12 22:29:20 Workshop on IVF
Numerous tests and interventions have been proposed for optimizing performance in preparation IVF treatment. We critically appraised the available evidence underpinning some of the popular investigations and treatments, including إقراء المزيد

Safe laparoscopic entery

2018-10-13 18:59:41 Workshop on IVF
What to expect: 1.Position of patient 2.Primary port closed entry 3.Secondary port entry 4.Primary port alternatives 5.Exit techniques 6.Reference to RCOG Green Top Guideline 49 - PREVENTING ENTRY-RELATED GYNAECOLOGICAL LAPA إقراء المزيد

Role of surgery to optimise outcome of a

2018-10-16 17:56:41 Workshop on IVF
Key content Assistedconceptiontechnology suchas in vitrofertilisation(IVF) is the first-line treatment of many causes of female subfertility and surgery is offered primarily to optimise the outcome of such treatments. An awareness إقراء المزيد

The impact of unilateral oophorectomy on

2018-10-22 23:55:27 Workshop on IVF
Background Women following unilateral oophorectomy (UO) are occasionally encountered during assisted reproduction treatment. Objective To explore the impact of UO on ovarian reserve in assisted reproduction. Search strategy An ele إقراء المزيد