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2018-10-11 01:18:50 |

Vaginal Environment
• The vagina is a dynamic ecosystem that
contains approximately 109 bacterial colonyforming
• Normal vaginal discharge is clear to white,
odorless, and of high viscosity.
• Normal bacterial flora is dominated by
lactobacilli – other potential pathogens present.
• Acidic environment (pH 3.8-4.2) inhibits the
overgrowth of bacteria
• Some lactobacilli also produce H2O2, a potential

• Usually characterized by:
– Vaginal discharge
– Vulvar itching
– Irritation
– Odor
• Common types
– Trichomoniasis (15%-20%)
– Bacterial vaginosis (40%-45%)
– Vulvovaginal candidiasis (20%-25%)

Other Causes of Vaginitis
• Mucopurulent cervicitis
• Herpes simplex virus
• Atrophic vaginitis
• Allergic reactions
• Vulvar vestibulitis
• Foreign bodies


2018-10-29 01:47:55 | Vaginitis
Evidence-Based Management of Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis
Abstract Vulvo-vaginal candidiasis (VVC) is a common infection among women. 5-8% of women with acute infection experience recurrent vulvo-vaginal candidiasis (RVVC). There is currently no gold standard treatment for RVVC. Although antifungal agents such as imidazoles have been successfully used as f... إقراء المزيد