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Petroleum and Petrochemicals

2018-09-10 12:34:09 |

students interested in studying petroleum. A bachelor's degree is the most common requirement for entrylevel positions in petroleum. bachelor's degree programs can lead to career advancement opportunities. 

Course Description

students studying Nomenclature, Origin, Composition, Properties, Classification and Crude Oil Processing

2018-09-17 09:05:09 | Petroleum and Petrochemicals
* * TYPE (√) OR (X) FOR SUITABLE SENTENCE: 1-Hydrocarbon of crude oils including alkanes, cycloparaffins, alkenes and aromatic compounds. ( ) 2-Thiophene, sulfides are examples of non-acidic sulfur compounds found in crude fractions. ( ) 3-The pour point is the lowest te... Read more

Origin of Fossil Fuels.ppt

2018-09-22 10:30:04 Petroleum and Petrochemicals
ORGANICS TO PETROLEUM What are the major differences in the general organic chemistry of terrestrial vs. marine organic matter? What are the important steps in the matu Read more

Distillation of petroleum

2018-09-22 10:32:56 Petroleum and Petrochemicals
►Distillation separates chemicals by the difference in how easily they vaporize. The two major types of classical distillation include continuous distillation and batch Read more