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Faculty of languages

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Advanced written translation

2020-03-31 00:29:17 |

Learning Outcomes

  1. Afetr studying this course, students are able to
  2. demonstrate a thorough knowledge of translation theory and practice specific to English and Arabic;
  3. evaluate theories concerning the nature and use of translation and the practical application of those theories to specific areas of interest to the student;
  4. demonstrate an awareness of fundamental issues in translation including the processes of translation, assessing translations, the place of register and genre, and the questions of pragmatic and cultural interpretation;
  5. critically apply theoretical frameworks to the creation of translations;
  6. show analytic skills and creative thinking in translating between English and Arabic;
  7. complete a major piece of research in the field of Translation. 


Lecture in advanced written translation

2020-03-31 00:31:47 Advanced written translation
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