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قاعة بحث

2020-03-31 00:49:16 |

This course gives students a way to apply what they have studied in the first semester considering the course research methods, thus students are supposed to practice doing practical research, proposal, paper, etc. 

Learning outcomes will be:

  • A written proposal , paper, or research project.
  • A demonstrated familiarity with the main sections of a research paper 
  • An ability to develop a topic and methodology suitable for a minor thesis, research project or term paper.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Conduct independent basic research in translation and language studies;
  • Utilize different resources, reference materials and bibliographic notes for writing a translation/linguistic research paper;
  • Cite, reference, and document according to APA style of documentation.
  • Select the most feasible research methodology for a translation/linguistic research paper;
  • Learn how to formulate a research title, question or statement.
  • Understand the potential and limitations of qualitative methods;
  • Assess the potential of mixed – qualitative/quantitative – methods;



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