Dr Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Abu_Hassoub

Lecturer - lecturer in Linguistics and Translation

Faculty of languages

Address: 19 Al-Thawra st


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2022 | Keywords shift, tense, pragmatics, qura,
Shift of Tenses in Some Translated Verses of the Qur’an Into English and Hebrew–A Functional Study‏
This study explores shift of tenses in some Qur’anic verses. A discussion of the rhetorical functions of tense-shifts is conducted. It, also, discusses the translations of these shifts into English and Hebrew. The study uses the applied approach, and the discussion follows interpretations and commentaries of the Glorious Qur’an. A contrast between the Arabic text and its translations is conducted. ... Read more

2022 | Keywords Pragmatic Imperative English,
Pragmatic Functions of Arabic and English Imperatives – The Case of Surat Al-Hashr
This study discusses imperatives in Arabic and English discourses. It tackles the forms of the imperatives. In addition, it emphasizes the explicit meaning of an imperative structure. Furthermore, it analyses the different pragmatic functions of the various imperative forms. Data of this study are extracted from Surat Al-Hashr [59] within the Glorious Qur’an and their translated equivalents into English by ... Read more

2020 | Keywords language cognition - culture,
Language, Culture, Literature, Politics, Translation and Cognition – A (very) long story cut (very) short
A cognitive cultural politic(olinguistic)s of translation involves an investigation of whatlanguage, (and literature), translation, culture, cognition and politics are, and how they relateto each other. Any of these constructs, that can hardly be separated, is too much for any singlestudy. The translator’s self (perception of a text or discourse, personality, creativity, attitudesand biases), prior text and discourse (formal and informal ... Read more

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