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Professor Doctor Hossnia Saber Mohran

Non Organic Chemistry

Demonstrator at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag branch, Assuit University, 1976, Assistant Lecturer at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag branch, Assuit University, 1980, Full Egyptian Government Mission+ Overseas award toGreat Britain 1982-1968, Lecturer at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag branch, Assuit University, 1986, Assistant Prof.   at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag branch, South valley University 1995,  Professor at Chemistry Department Faculty of Science Sohag University 2009.


2018-10-19 15:43:57
كل طالب بحث يجمع الابحاث المنشورة على الموضوع الخاص به للاطلاع عليها اولا Read more

2018-10-19 14:55:09
طلاب البحث والمقال
الميعاد الدورى للمقابلة يوم الاربعاء من كل اسبوع من الساعة الرابعة عصرا Read more

2018-10-05 19:01:27
بحث ومقال
ارجو من طلاب البحث والمقال التواصل فى اقرب وقت لتحديد مواعيد العمل شكرا Read more

2018-10-04 20:19:34
امتحان نصف الفصل
امتحان نصف الفصل سوف يعقد فى الاسبوع الاول من شهر نوفمبر Read more

2018-09-27 18:56:44
محاضرة الانثانيدات والاكتينيدات للفرقة الرابعة تشعيب يوم الثلاثاء من الساعة الواحدة ظهرا الى الساعة الثانية بمدرج د Read more

Effect of Indium Alloying with Lead on the Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Lead-Indium Alloys in Sulfuric Acid Solution
Effect of indium alloying in various concentrations with lead on both microhardness and crystallite structure of lead-indium alloy was investigated. The corrosion behavior of leadindium alloys in 4 M H2SO4 acid solution was investigated by Tafel plot and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) methods. The results of both Tafel plot extrapolation and EIS measurements exhibited the same trend. Generally, the corrosion ... Read more

Effect of indium alloying with lead together with the addition of phosphoric acid in electrolyte to improve lead-acid battery performance
The electrochemical and corrosion behavior of Pb and Pb-In alloys in both phosphoric and sulfuric acid solutions containing various concentrations of phosphoric acid (0.05 to 0.20 M) at different temperatures was studied. Tafel plot and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) techniques were used to obtain the experimental data, and the corrosion products formed on the surface were characterized by scanning electron ... Read more

Effect of nickel content on the anodic dissolution and passivation of zinc–nickel alloys in alkaline solutions by potentiodynamic and potentiostatic techniques
The effect of systematic increase of Ni on the anodic dissolution and passivation of Zn–Ni alloys in var-ious concentrations of KOH solution (0.1–1 M) was investigated. The anodic dissolution and passivation behaviourfor each pure Zn and Ni in the same studied solutions was also investigated, and the obtained data were compared.Potentiodynamic and potentiostatic methods were used, and the corrosion layer ... Read more

2018-09-27 18:01:18 | Keywords corrosion resistance, Ni content, Zn–Ni alloy,
Role of Ni content in improvement of corrosion resistance of Zn–Ni alloy in 3.5% NaCl solution. Part I: Polarization and impedance studies
Zn plays an important role in the protection of iron and steel from corrosion in sea water, and the alloying of Zn and Ni can improve its corrosion resistance. The corrosion behavior of Zn–Ni alloys in synthetic sea water (3.5% NaCl, mass fraction) was studied using Tafel plot and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) techniques. The corrosion resistance of the investigated ... Read more

2018-10-04 19:56:12 | Keywords Passivation Phenomena, Lead/Acid Batteries, Lead-indium alloy,
Role of Indium Alloying with Lead as a Means to Reduce the Passivation Phenomena in Lead/Acid Batteries
The influence of indium content on the anodic behaviour of Pb-In alloys in 4 M H2SO4 solution is investigated by potentiodynamic, potentiostatic, chronopotentiometric, and cyclic voltammetric techniques. The composition and microstructure of the corrosion layer on Pb-In alloys are characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy analysis (EDX), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The potentiodynamic and chronopotentiometric curves show ... Read more

2018-10-19 15:04:49 | Lanthanides and Actinides
مقارنة بين اللانثانيدات والاكتينيدات
مقارنة بين اللانثانيدات والاكتينيدات والعناصر الانتقالية اوجه التشابه والاخلاف بين اللانثانيدات والاكتينيدات Read more

2018-10-07 07:21:56 | Lanthanides and Actinides
Colour and Spectra
Show the color of Ln3+ ions Show the color of Ln4+, Ln2+ and their isoelectronic Ln3+ counterparts Read more

2018-10-07 07:15:02 | Lanthanides and Actinides
Separation of the lanthanide elements
Discuss the methods used to separate the lanthanides Read more

2018-10-06 22:01:33 | Lanthanides and Actinides
Extraction and uses
Discuss the extraction, separation and uses of lanthanides Read more

2018-10-06 20:03:43 | Lanthanides and Actinides
Lanthanide contraction
Define the lanthanide contraction Discuss the effect of lanthanide contraction on the 2ed and 3rd transition elements Read more