Amer Ragheb Abdel Aziz

Assistant Professor - Head of parasitology department ,faculty of veterinary medicine,sohag university

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Address: department of parasitology _faculty of veterinary medicine_sohag university


Evaluation of The In Vitro And In Vivo Inhibitory Effects of Enrofloxacin On the Growth of Babesia Species and Theileria Equi
Objectives: Enrofloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, is an inhibitor of prokaryotic topoisomerase II with antibacterial and antiparasitic activities. The study aimed to evaluate the inhibitory effect of enrofloxacin on Babesia species and Theileria equi in vitro and in vivo. Methods: The inhibitory effects of enrofloxacin were evaluated in vitro cultures using in vitro inhibition assay of three Babesia species and Theileria ... Read more

Prevalence of Tissue Parasites in Cattle and Buffaloes Slaughtered in El-Minia Governorate Abattoirs, Egypt
Abstract: The present study was conducted to determine the prevalence of meat borne parasitic infection in 170 animals (120 cattle and 50 buffaloes) slaughtered in El-Minia Governorate abattoirs, during the period from June 2017 to May 2018. The obtained data were statistically analysed by SPSS software using ANOVA test at 95 % confidence level (P ≤ 0.05). The study revealed ... Read more

Evaluation of The Anti-Oxidative Activity and Trace Elements Concentrations in Demodex Canis Infected Dogs
Abstract The purpose of this prospective study was to evaluate the antioxidant status and plasma level of iron, zinc, copper, manganese and calcium levels in Demodex Canis infected dogs and the correlation between them, a total of 17 dogs clinically and laboratory diagnosed by skin scraping test and 6 healthy dogs as control were included in this study. Results showed ... Read more

Luteolin: target validation in Babesia bovis by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and in vivo inhibition of Babesia microti
Luteolin, a naturally occurring plant flavonoid, has antioxidant, anti-amoebic, antitrypanosomal, and antimalarial activities. In this study, the inhibitory effects of luteolin were microscopically evaluated against three Babesia species and Theileria equi in vitro and against B. microti in mice. Reverse-transcription PCR was used to evaluate the effect of luteolin on transcription of DNA gyrase subunits A and B genes. Luteolin ... Read more

Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Cysticercus ovis from Egypt based on MT-CO1 gene sequences
Cysticercus ovis or sheep measles is the larval stage of Taenia ovis, which is the intestinal tapeworm of dogs. It is found in the cardiac and skeletal muscles of sheep and can be the cause of partial or total condemnation of carcasses at abattoirs. The aim of the current work was to determine the prevalence of C. ovis among sheep ... Read more

In-vitro evaluation of Nigella sativa and Punica granatum effect on protoscolices of hydatid cysts
Cystic echinococcosis (CE) are commonly found in the liver and lungs of affected hosts. The treatment approach is usually surgical, or giving drugs in conjunction before surgery to kill protoscolices, to avoid anaphylactic shock from leakage of hydatid fluid into the peritoneum and to decrease opportunities for recurrences. The present study was to evaluate the in-vitro scolicidal efficacy of hydroalcoholic ... Read more

In vitro and in vivo anthelmintic activity of pumpkin seeds and pomegranate peels extracts against Ascaridia galli
Pumpkin seeds (Cucurbita pepo) and Pomegranate peel (Punica granatum) have anthelmintic properties. the aim of this study was to compare the anthelmintic efficacy of pumpkin seeds ethanolic extract and pomegranate peel aqueous extract against Ascaridia galli in vitro and in vivo in Baladi chicks. On adult worms, the extracts of the two herbs were compared in vitro at concentrations of ... Read more

Hematological Profile in Schistosoma mansoni Infected Mice Treated with Commiphora molmol Extract Compared with Praziquantel
Abstract As Schistosoma mansoni worms inhabit the portal triad of infected hosts, deleterious changes were encountered in the blood picture. The aim of the study is to explore the damaging hematological effects due to S.mansoni infection in albino mice before and after treatment with either Commiphora molmol extract or Praziquantel. Seventy two albino mice were recruited in this study and ... Read more

Toxicity of fipronil in rabbits as a therapeutic drug for "Psoroptes cuniculi": A preliminary observation
In the current report, a preliminary observation to study the adverse effects of the broad use acaricides fipronil (FPN) in rabbits infested with _Psoroptes cuniculi_. Two separate groups (5 rabbits/each) treated topically (poured on at the base of the neck) with fipronil 5%, 1 vial/ 10 kilogram body weight (kg bw) and 1 vial/ 5 kg bw. After FPN spot ... Read more

New approach to molecular characterization of Paramphistomum cervi and Carmyerius gregarius and comparative analyses with selected trematodes
Abstract The two ruminant parasites, Paramphistomum cervi and Carmyerius gregarius, were collected from freshslaughtered native cattle at local abattoirs in Sadat district, Menoufia province and identified morphologically, then molecularly by sequencing the nucleotides of 18S ribosomal RNA gene (18S rRNA). The nucleotide sequences of the two isolates were 456 (P. cervi) and 401 bases for (C. gregarius). The data were ... Read more