Nursing turnover and shortage are acknowledged as worldwide issues. Therefore,
understanding the challenges that faces the nurses and overcome these
challenges is essential in retaining them. Study was aimed to assess the
challenges and work crisis facing critical care nurses
Subjects and Methods Research design
A descriptive, exploratory, qualitative research design was used
Trauma ICU, ICC unit, and general ICU at Assiut University Hospital
(45) staff nurses
Tool of data collection
A structured interview questionnaire consists of two parts; Personal characteristics
and Challenges and Crisis Questionnaire Assessment tool through 2016
About 68.88% of the study sample were aged between 20 and 30 years and were
married, and 44.44% had experience of 1–5 years. 88.88% of them reported large
number of patients in ICUs, 82.22% reported increase in workload and increased
numbers of night shifts. 97.8% fear of the possibility of infection from patients and
73.3%, have conflict between nurses and doctors. (84.5%) recorded working
atmosphere filled with tension and stress. (93.3%) have sense of responsibility
for some of the equipment and materials, and some critical cases. (91.1%) had
family life at risk
Admission of a large number of patients in the ICUs, increase in workload, exposure
means for family life owing to choose the profession of nursing, and stability in
family life disorder because of increased working hours and long shift were the most
common challenges facing nurses.
Training programs should be provided to develop coping skills among staff, and
nurses’ mangers should take active steps to create positive work environment