Dr. Nadia Mohamed Ali Saleh

Assistant Professor - Head of Nursing ِAdminstration Department , Faculty of Nursing - Trainer at the Center for Development of faculty members and leaders and Measurement and Evaluation Center at sohag university, Egypt

Faculty of Nursing

Address: Egypt, Sohag, Sohag University, Faculity of Nursing , Adminstration Department


Personal hygiene and taking into account the preventive measures and safety among healthcare providers
Abstract Negligence of personal hygiene and safety practices among healthcare personnel is not only a major risk factor in the spread of infection, but is in many instances an abuse of human rights. Aim: the study aim was to assess the personal hygiene and taking into account the preventive measures and safety among healthcare providers. Tools: An interview questionnaire sheet ... Read more

Societal factors that induce career change decision among nurses working at different Sohag city hospitals
Background Nurses who have positive professional images will have stronger relations with their patients, peers, and community as a whole. Decision to leave might be an indication that nurses are not committed to their profession Aim This study aimed to determine the societal factors that induce career change decision among nurses working at different Sohag city hospitals Study participants The ... Read more

Impact of Organizational Climate on Functional Innovation among Critical Care Nurses
Abstract A critical element for organization climate is the formation of organizational structures that make cross-functional knowledge and resource sharing possible and effective coordination of the process of functional innovation. This STUDY AIMS; investigate organizational climate and functional innovation level among critical care nurses and explore the effect of organizational climate on functional innovation among them. The study subjects: No. ... Read more

The Influence of Occupational Satisfaction on Career Change Decision Among Nurses Working At Different Sohag City Hospitals
Abstract Background: The intention of nurses for career change can have negative consequences on how health-care systems and organizations function. At a time of current nursing shortage, it is important to understand the reasons why nurses decided to leave the profession. Aim: This study aimed to explore and determine the influence of occupational satisfaction on career change decision among nurses ... Read more

Night Shift Work and Its Impact on Health Status of Nurses
Abstract Background Workers who engage in shift work can experience considerable disruption of family and social activities. Aim of the study: to assess the impact of night shift work on Health status of nurses. Subjects & Methods: Research design: a descriptive correlational design used. Setting: Emergent outpatient department and intensive care unit at Sohag University Hospital. Subjects :(44) staff nurses. ... Read more

Challenges and work crisis facing critical care nurses
Background Nursing turnover and shortage are acknowledged as worldwide issues. Therefore, understanding the challenges that faces the nurses and overcome these challenges is essential in retaining them. Study was aimed to assess the challenges and work crisis facing critical care nurses Subjects and Methods Research design A descriptive, exploratory, qualitative research design was used Setting Trauma ICU, ICC unit, and ... Read more

Opinion of Teaching staff and Students' Toward Implementation of E-exam
Abstract Electronic Exam System improves examination security, testing practice and reduces examination costs. This study was aimed to assess opinion of teaching staff and students' toward implementation of e-exam in Faculty of Nursing at Sohag University. The study subject consists of (11) teaching staff; one lecturer; four assistant lecturer and six instructors and (140) student. Data collected through personal interview ... Read more

Clinical learning Environment and the Influential Factors from Nursing Students perspectives
ABSTRACT Background:Clinicalenvironmentisall that surrounds the nursing student within clinical areas, such as places, resources, staff skills, patients, peer group and nursing tutors. Aim: to assess the clinical learning environment and the influential factors from nursing students perspectives. Methodology:A descriptive study is carried out in Faculty of Nursing, Sohag University at the end of 1stsemester(2015-2016).The samplecomprised of (183) out of the ... Read more

Conflict Effect and Resolution levels among Acadimic Teaching Satff and their Assistants at Faculties of Nursing
ABSTRACT The most important sources of conflict at any educational work-place occur because opinions, perceptions of personnel are incompatible. The present study AIMED to explore effect and levels of conflict among academic teaching staff and their assistant. THE _STUDY SUBJECT_S:_THE STUDY SUBJECT_S:THE _STUDY SUBJECT_S: No. = 102 academic teaching staff. SETTING; FACULTIES of Nursing Assiut and Sohag Universities. TOOL OF ... Read more

Nurse leaders’ behaviors and its effect on nurses' attitude toward change at Main Assiut University Hospital
ABSTRACT Leader should direct subordinate creativity all of the time, to help them to accepted organizational change. This study was _AIMED_ to assess the effect of Nurse Leaders’ behaviors on nurses' attitude toward change at Main Assiut University Hospital. The _STUDY SUBJECT_ consists of (48) nurse leaders AND(328) staff nurses who worked in medical, surgical, and ICUs units. Data collected ... Read more