Nurses who have positive professional images will have stronger relations with their
patients, peers, and community as a whole. Decision to leave might be an indication
that nurses are not committed to their profession
This study aimed to determine the societal factors that induce career change
decision among nurses working at different Sohag city hospitals
Study participants
The study participants comprised all categories of nursing staff from all age
categories and different educational levels
Societal Satisfaction Questionnaire and Anticipated Career Change Questionnaire
were used for data collection
On the basis of the analysis of the participant’s responses, the result revealed that
there was a highly statistically significant positive correlation between societal
satisfaction and participants’ decision to leave the nursing career
The study revealed that different sets of societal factors are associated with career
change decision among nurses, which are mainly concerned with society’s view of
nursing and mass media projection. These data can be useful for understanding
nurse workforce challenges, improving mass media recognition, providing
feedback to Egyptian nursing leaders as regards the best workplace practices,
and informing decisions surrounding workforce policy