Electronic Exam System improves examination security, testing practice and reduces examination costs. This study was aimed to assess opinion of teaching staff and students' toward implementation of e-exam in Faculty of Nursing at Sohag University. The study subject consists of (11) teaching staff; one lecturer; four assistant lecturer and six instructors and (140) student. Data collected through personal interview by using the teaching staff opinion questionnaire and students' opinion questionnaire. Results: The most of both teaching staff and students had agreed that e- exam saves time; saves material costs of printing and other papers and provides self-assess for student. Conclusion: e- exam saves time and material costs than paper exam. As a result and in the light of the findings, the Researchers Recommended That; teaching staff should be trained and assisted to adapt the new technology, students should be assisted to acquire basic skills in computer that will help them during the conduct of e-examinations, and provides adequate computers