Dr. Nadia Mohamed Ali Saleh

Assistant Professor - Head of Nursing ِAdminstration Department , Faculty of Nursing - Trainer at the Center for Development of faculty members and leaders and Measurement and Evaluation Center at sohag university, Egypt

Faculty of Nursing

Address: Egypt, Sohag, Sohag University, Faculity of Nursing , Adminstration Department



Introduction to Nursing Adminstration

2018-09-05 07:40:13 |

About the course: The Introduction to Nursing Administration course for third Year Nursing Students.                                                                                              

The objectives of the first unit from this course are:

  • Define administration and management.
  • Differentiate between administration and management.
  • Mention the nature of management.
  • List the elements of management process.          
  • Define planning, plan, and objective.
  • Explain the importance of planning in nursing.
  • Explain the process or (elements) of planning.
  • Mention the purposes of planning.
  • Enumerate characteristics of good planning.
  • Describe the classification or types of planning.
  • State planning rules.
  • List leadership roles and management functions in planning
  • Define standard, criteria and nursing care standard.
  • Identify the relationship between objectives and standards.
  • List the purposes of nursing care standard.
  • Mention the types of nursing care standard.
  • Differentiate between structure, process and outcome standards.
  • List the characteristics of standards.

Application; Assessement for students about how can make Application of Management Process ( Planning - Organizing - Staffing _ Directing - Controling) ... Read more

Activity 1
Activity 1 ; Assessment to idntify how the students can to Make a good Plan and how can differanciate between the types of plans. ... Read more

Case Study

2018-09-05 19:00:02 Introduction to Nursing Adminstration
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