Elsayed Mostafa Ali Hassan

Assistant Professor - قائم بعمل رئيس قسم الأورام و الطب النووي

Faculty of medicine

Address: مستشفي سوهاج الجامعي- قسم علاج الأورام و الطب النووي


2018-10-22 21:40:26
CT Stimulation - Imaging prior to radiation delivery
A CT simulators is a vital component in the radiation oncology facility. It enables the clinician to determine the exact location, size and shape of the tumor so that they may develop a sound treatment plan. Radiology Oncology Systems provides low to mid-cost pre-owned, refurbished CT simulators for those in search of treatment planning tools. Read more

2018-10-21 22:45:43
ESMO 2018: Short-HER Trial Examines Abbreviated Course of Trastuzumab in Some HER2-Positive Early Breast Cancers
Women with HER2-positive early breast cancer with small tumors have similar disease-free survival and lower risk of cardiac toxicity with a 9-week course of adjuvant trastuzumab (Herceptin) compared to those treated for 1 year, according to a subgroup analysis of the Short-HER trial reported by Conte et al at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2018 Congress (Abstract 191PD_PR). ... Read more

2018-10-21 22:40:12
ASTRO '18: Long-term side effects similarly low for once-weekly and conventional breast radiation therapies, trial finds
In a 10-year study of women who received radiation therapy to treat early-stage breast cancer, those receiving fewer, larger individual doses experienced similarly low rates of late-onset side effects as those undergoing conventional radiation therapy. Findings from the multi-institutional U.K. FAST clinical trial are being presented Oct. 21 at the 60th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology ... Read more

2018-10-19 13:13:41
early breast cancer detection
Every person should know the symptoms and signs of breast cancer, and any time an abnormality is discovered, it should be investigated by a healthcare professional. Most people who have breast cancer symptoms and signs will initially notice only one or two, and the presence of these symptoms and signs do not automatically mean that you have breast cancer. By ... Read more

2018-10-16 21:01:47
National Cancer Institute BGO 2018 Annual Conference in Cairo, Egypt from 7th to 9th of November, 2018.
Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the Organizing Committee we would like to welcome you to the National Cancer Institute BGO 2018 Annual Conference in Cairo, Egypt from 7th to 9th of November, 2018. This conference will bring together the entire spectrum of Egyptian, international Scientists, researchers and clinicians fostering collaborations in cancer management worldwide. As in previous conferences, we are ... Read more

2018-10-12 22:05:15
Breast cancer awareness
Sometimes lumps don't form until later, or not all. Here are some better things to look for to detect breast cancer early ✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷ Breast cancer awareness month has just gotten underway, which means the Great Pink Push is being unleashed. The cancer industry will shift into overdrive, urging women everywhere to get their mammogram screenings as they beg for cash ... Read more

2018-10-12 22:03:08
Awareness: obesity and cancer
Obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges faced today. Being obese or overweight is linked to 20 different types of cancer because it may negatively affect: - The body's immune system and inflammation - The body's level of certain hormones and proteins - How the body's cell grow and divide According to research, many types of cancer ... Read more

2018-10-12 17:04:53
Nose Cancer
Risk Factors: - Exposure to chemicals like wood dust, leather dust, chromium, nickel, formaldehyde. etc. - Infection by Human Pappiloma virus (HPV) - Smoking - History of sinus or nose problems Don't ignore the following health problems if they occur on a regular basis. Make sure to consult an oncologist when the following occurs frequently as it might lead to ... Read more

2018-10-12 16:54:46
Music therapy
Music therapy is not new; but it is now enjoying popularity with a lot of people, particularly those who are suffering from various health conditions or illnesses, turning their hopes into it - along with traditional cure. It brings so much positive improvements into their lives that it is also thought to be one type of alternative cancer treatment. Based ... Read more

2018-10-12 16:51:51
Kidney cancer is the cancer that starts in the kidneys. Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control. RISK FACTORS: Some of the risk factors for kidney cancer are as follows: ● Smoking: Smoking cigarettes increase people’s risk for kidney cancer twice that of nonsmokers. ● Being male: Men more prone to get kidney cancer ... Read more