Elsayed Mostafa Ali Hassan

Assistant Professor - قائم بعمل رئيس قسم الأورام و الطب النووي

Faculty of medicine

Address: مستشفي سوهاج الجامعي- قسم علاج الأورام و الطب النووي



Clinical Oncology in MD degree in clinical oncology ...

2018-10-22 20:23:21 3 Supplement | 2 Task
Professional Information 1. Overall Aims of Course Biological therapy the student should understand the molecular biology of cancer , understand the role of immunotherapy, gene therapy,and monoclonal antibodies in management malignant diseases The student ... Read more

medical oncology/ Master Degree

2018-10-05 13:23:15 5 Supplement | 2 Task
medical oncology a) Knowledge and understanding: By the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to: a1. Mention different chemotherapeutic agent a2. Mention other lines of medical oncological treatment as ... Read more

Radiation Technology /Maseter Degree

2018-10-05 13:10:02 5 Supplement | 3 Task
Radiation Technology 1. Overall Aims of Course: 1. Understand how radiotherapy is delivered (treatment machines, 2. treatment planning, and brachytherapy). 3. Understand different techniques of radiation including conformal radiotherapy and stereotactic radiation therapy, 4. ... Read more

haemato-oncology and palliative care/ for MD students

2018-09-07 19:17:08 0 Supplement | 0 Task
understand the malignant hematological diseases and their management including the supportive treatment should be given to the patient due to chemotherapy toxicities , understand bone marrow transplantation and its different types and the drugs ... Read more

Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation / for MD ...

2018-09-07 19:14:56 3 Supplement | 0 Task
The student should know different groups of chemotherapy, indications of use, methods of administration, side effects and complications. The student should know indications of bone marrow transplantation, types of it, how to follow transplant ... Read more

( Radiobiology ( MD degree in clinical oncology) ...

2018-08-20 20:49:00 2 Supplement | 2 Task
RADIOBIOLOGY RADIOBIOLOGY (MD DEGREE IN CLINICAL ONCOLOGY) (FIRST PART) 1- understand the radiobiologic effects of radiotherapy and radioisotopes, 2- understand the radiosenstivity and radioresistant aspects of different tumors and normal tissues. 3- understand different ... Read more

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