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Radiation Technology /Maseter Degree

2018-10-05 13:10:02 |

Radiation Technology

1. Overall Aims of Course: 1. Understand how radiotherapy is delivered (treatment machines, 2. treatment planning, and brachytherapy). 3. Understand different techniques of radiation including conformal radiotherapy and stereotactic radiation therapy, 4. Understand the radiobiological effects of radiation therapy and radioisotopes. 2. Intended Learning Outcomes of Course (ILOs) a) Knowledge and understanding: By the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to: a1. List the different pretreatment procedures a2. Describe the planning procedures for radiotherapy a3. List the delivering radiotherapy a4. Mention new modalities of radiotherapy a5. Mention the radiotherapy toxicities a6. Mention radioisotopes b) Intellectual Skills By the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to: b1. how to take a decision in a cancer patients need radiotherapy b2. understand different rationale of radiotherapy b3. understand different techniques of planning and delivering radiotherapy b4. know management of side effects of radiotherapy b5. know using of radioisotopes in diagnosis and managment c) Practical Training aspects: c1. Know the properties of the simulator machine c2. Understand different position of the patients during planning c3. Understand different methods of fixation in mould rooms c4. Understand different methods of brachytherapy c5. Understand different new modalities of planning and radiotherapy c6. know different radioisotopes and their uses and precautions d) General and Transferable Skills: By the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to: d1. know different modalities of radiotherapy d2. know different techniques of delivering radiotherapy d3. know different methods of patient fixation d4. Know new modalities of radiotherapy 30 d5. Understand using radioisotopes in diagnosis and management of malignant diseases Topics No. of hours Lecture Tutorial /Practical General technology • physical and biological basis of radiation therapy • clinical radiation physics • recent modalities of radiotherapy • brachytherapy • radioisotopes Radiotherapy techniques and planning for different types of malignant diseases • skin • head and neck • breast • thorax • GIT • Urinary tract • Male genital tract • Female genital tract • CNS • Leukemia & lymphoma and HD • Musculoskeletal • Childhood cancers List of References 6.1- Essential Books (Text Books) * Perez text book * James D. cox (radiation oncology) 6.2- Recommended Books * Ann Barrett (practical radiotherapy planning)

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